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Adam Whittington | Protect Children from Child Trafficking & Exploitation

My mission is to rescue, my dream is that one day I won’t have to.

 Adam Whittington 


Adam Whittington is the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Rescue ChildrenAdam receives no income or any benefits in his role as CEO. Adam is outspoken and tells things how it is, which some don't like hearing, especially media and those he works tirelessly against to defend children from... predators and their sympathizers.


Despite efforts of a couple journalists from the Sydney Morning Herald (owned of course by Channel 9 who left Adam in Lebanon after paying $500,000 to a kidnapper) to discredit Adam's work, Adam continues to debunk and show how some journalists use propaganda and fake news as their core for existence. 


After serving as a soldier in the Australian Army and Police Officer in London, Adam was hired privately in investigations worldwide dealing with finding and recovering kidnapped children. That was the start of his passion to end child trafficking and exploitation.


His dream was to start a charity that was different, that would be as transparent as possible and that would concentrate more on the ground, on the frontline actually making a difference to children's lives, instead of counting statistics. That was the birth of Project Rescue Children.

Adam and his team often go undercover acting as traffickers or paedophiles putting their lives at risk, in order to rescue children from child trafficking and exploitation in hostile locations.


All operations are in cooperation with local authorities, except corrupt officials. Adam strongly condemns any form of corruption and is against those in all positions who are corrupt, which unfortunately there are in some countries he and his charity work in.


It's vital operations are carried out lawfully, in order to gather evidence to assist law enforcement with prosecution of the perpetrators. 

Since 2022, PRC Gambia Charity Foundation is working in partnership with Gambia police, immigration and tourism board to combat and education communities about child trafficking and exploitation.


In 2022 PRC Gambia secured a partnership in a rescue centre which will house child survivors. The foundation also dug a new fresh water bore hole for the center and provided two extra water taps outside the centre to give the whole village access to free clean water for the fist time. Electricity was also connected to the rescue centre for the first time. 

Adam was the lead investigator in the kidnapping and murder of British women Lucie Blackman in Tokyo Japan. A very sad case that shows the reality of how easy it can be for anyone to be groomed and disappear. Adam was invited by the British and Australian governments to advice them on child kidnappings.


Adam has been involved in numerous investigations and arrests with Uganda law enforcement and charity partners in child sacrifice cases as well as attending schools to educate children about child sacrifice and body boundary safety. 

25th May 2022, Adam led a team from Project Rescue Children on a mission into war torn Ukraine. The mission was simple, identify what was the safest and best way we could help all women and children on the ground. It was clear on entering Ukraine, it was not safe.


Adam and his team, accompanied by an armed security team, set up a team and a process that would see PRC voluntarily relocate women and children from devastated areas to safer parts of Ukraine or into the EU. The team also established a system to be able to raise donations, shop necessary food, sanitary items and without any middleman, deliver humanitarian aid directly and safely to people desperate for help. Both these missions are ongoing, with now two successful humanitarian aid campaigns complete. 

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Are you a survivor of child sexual abuse, trafficking, kidnapping, a victim of International parental child abduction or have a similar story you think would help others by speaking out? Drop me a message below and lets chat.




Children in Need


Child Recovery Missions in Partnership



What they say

Adam is a very dedicated man who has one of the most amazing passions and determinations to help children. I have worked with Adam in Mombasa Kenya. The way he interacts with children and members of the public including authorities is exceptional. Adam has also assisted TRACE KENYA with vital equipment to allow us to do our job. We recently partnered with Adam's charity Project Rescue Children to introduce a training program for hotel staff in Mombasa educating the staff on child trafficking and exploitation.



42 Million

Today in the world 42 Million people are captive and enslaved. We won’t stop until the last one is free.

153 Billion

Human Trafficking, the fastest growing industry in the world, is now a $153 Billion industry.

1/4 Children

Children make up 25% of modern-day slavery victims. No child should be for sale.

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