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About Adam

Adam is the founder and volunteer CEO of Project Rescue Children, an Australian registered not for profit charity that works globally on the ground on the frontline and online in the DarkWeb, to end child trafficking and exploitation with or without authorities.

He receives no income or any benefits in his role as CEO. As a child, Adam dreamed of being a police officer. He spent four years in the Australian Army as an Infantry soldier. After leaving the military, he was hired privately in investigations worldwide dealing with finding and recovering kidnapped children. He was the lead investigator in the Internationally covered kidnapping and murder of a British girl, Lucie Blackman, in Tokyo, Japan. He featured in the best selling book, 'People Who Eat Darkness' written about the horrendous case. 

About Adam Whittington | Founder and CEO of Project Rescue Children

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Adam served as a police constable in the Metropolitan Police in London, UK. He was the recipient of two commendations awarded by the Police Division Commander. One for outstanding police work and dedication to helping community members and the other commendation for rescuing a family of three generations from inside their burning vehicle.

Adam has been involved in numerous child sacrifice/murder investigations and arrests in Uganda. Recent arrest of a suspect who was on the run for 5 months after assisting a father cut the throat of his own 9 year old daughter. Adam along with detectives and partners located the suspect in the North of Uganda and made the arrest in a crowded market. She now faces 25-35 years in prison for her part in the sacrifice/murder.


Adam has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings, kidnappers, sacrifices and child predators, across the globe. One case in 2015 really touched his heart. A British child was kidnapped from the UK to Laos and disappeared. Adam was hired by the father after all else failed and receiving little to no help from the British Government. It was a highly dangerous operation.


His team decided to go undercover as an Australian documentary film crew filming a story on how Laos people live in villages. It worked and once on the ground in Laos, Adam and his team found the missing boy, but he was in an extremely poor state of health and living in conditions unfit for an animal. They soon were given intelligence by local village people that the boy was going to be sold to traffickers...


...this changed the whole operation. They needed to act quickly. Within 48hours Adam and his team extracted the child out of Laos across the Mekong River into Thailand and, with the British Embassy's assistance, safely returned the child with his father back to Manchester, England.

That one operation changed Adam's mindset, and that's when he started focusing more on child trafficking and exploitation after researching and finding no one on the ground actually helping children.

He has worked undercover in numerous hostile and dangerous countries, acting as a trafficker and paedophile to rescue children being sold alongside police and other authoritative bodies. Along with local partners, he and his team have successfully rescued hundreds of children being trafficked or exploited in multiple foreign countries. Adam coordinates all operations personally, including those from the PRC IT team working the Dark Web.

With over 23 years of experience dealing with child kidnapping cases globally, he is an expert in extractions from hostile environments. He has spoken at numerous conferences and seminars about his work. He was a guest speaker in Stockholm, Sweden, for media outlets across Scandinavia, giving a motivational speech on teamwork and courage. Adam has been invited to sit with the Australian DFAT (Australian Foreign Affairs Trade) and the British FCO (Foreign Commonwealth Office), advising on how they can better understand and prevent child kidnappings.


Adam has worked side-by-side with many foreign embassies worldwide in the extraction of their citizens. He was thanked and acknowledged by the FCO for finishing two long-running kidnapping cases of British children, one being the Laos case, kidnapped to foreign countries and disappeared. Law firms large and small work with and refer to Adam for expert advice. Often when all else fails, law firms look to Adam to solve their cases.

Adam has been featured in many national and international media outlets to discuss his efforts to combat child trafficking and kidnapping. He has appeared in a documentary and is currently writing (slowly) his first book about his work. Adam is the most dedicated person in helping children at all costs. In the little time he has off from helping children, he loves spending time with his three amazing children, who are his everything.

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