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Adam Whittington Responds to Sydney Morning Herald Article


31st March 2021




Adam Whittington responds to Sydney Morning Herald Article



​A story circulating about Adam has been misreported and sadly is being disseminated by Adam’s detractors to attack his reputation and the charity he runs. Adam categorically denies he assaulted anyone, despite the conviction.


​The facts of the story are incorrect.


​The incidents in question occurred in 2019 and 2020.


It began two years ago, after Adam’s son’s gaming/email accounts were hacked by the two individuals in question, one being a close friend to his son at the time. What followed was Adam’s son being bullied for over 24 months by these two. All incidents were reported to the school and Swedish police. The school refused to act after six formal complaints to the principal about racism and bullying. The local police informed Adam there was nothing they could do because Swedish law protects young people under 15. Despite the hacking, rocks thrown at Adam's car, racist attacks and subsequent theft of Adam's money from the stored credit card on his son's account, all that could be done by police was again refer the boys to social services.


On the day in question, Adam was confronted by the two boys, who delivered a series of racial slurs directed at Adam. Adam asked them what they said and a tense moment occurred with the two boys and Adam stood off face to face. At no stage, did Adam touch the two boys and video evidence shows the tip of the baseball cap of 5 foot 6 Adam, that he was wearing bumped the 6 foot boy’s nose unintentionally. Witnesses, interviewed by the police, report Adam did not touch or assault the boys and it was the boys who were being abusive and racist. One witness reported one 14 year old boy stating he will have Adam removed from Sweden by his high ranking police officer family friend. This witness knew the two boys immediately identifying himself as one of their social services councilors. 


Despite calling the police on the day of the incident, Adam was told to forget the incident and go about his business. There was never two teenagers assaulted as stated by the Sydney Morning Herald. Adam's attorney also confirms that in his public statement attached below. This is a classic example of main stream media reporting with a one sided agenda. 


One month later, Adam was advised one of the boys was pressing charges. Despite having two independent witnesses (both English translated statements below. Some words do not translate well. Originals are available), neither were called to give evidence during the court hearing by the police prosecutor, Adam was ridiculously charged with minor assault due to his baseball cap touching the 14 year old. Why were these witnesses not called to court by the police prosecutor?


The incident of a threat. This is the true account of what the judge said, not what you are reading on propaganda hate pages, “District Attorney Malcolm Clark is different in terms of the motivation for why the prosecution unlawful threats shall be dismissed and state the following. In my opinion, it is not clear that the statement has that meaning or generally includes a threat of criminal activity. In my opinion, the prosecution should therefore be dismissed on that ground.”


The judge also rejected claims for compensation for injuries. This was upsetting to the teenage boy as he was bragging in school to other students, he was only pushing this case in order to scam money for compensation. This shows, it doesn't matter where you are, the system is broken, when those defending themselves or their children are punished, while bullies, racists and child sex offenders around the world are protected. 

The court was told and shown evidence of the school denying Adam information about his young son's schooling after his divorce and in a split decision, the court dismissed the teachers threat claim. Further an SMS sent by the teacher to Adam after the incident appeared to contradict her account. 


It is unfortunate this incident is being used in an attempt to discredit Adam from the important work he does for children and that he finds himself in a position to defend himself. Images and witness statements from the incident are available for viewing. 

Legal advice for defamation is being sort against the publisher and those sharing. Legal action has already started on one individual for using the article in question by sharing and defaming Adam on their platform.

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