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Parents warned after man accused of filming kids changing at Aussie pool

The man can be seen looking at his watch – but police claim it’s all part of a sinister plot.

A Brisbane community is outraged after a man was allegedly caught taking photos of children getting changed at a popular public swimming pool.

Photos posted online by Adam Whittington, a former solider and the founder of Project Rescue Children (PRC), show the “secret” way the accused man was allegedly obtaining images of the children at the Wynnum Wading Pool.

Police claim the man was using his smartwatch to control the camera and snap photos of the children with the caregiver’s knowledge.

The man is accused of using his smartwatch to control the camera in his back pocket and snap photos of the children.

Source: Instagram/Adam Whittington

“I’m posting this to warn all parents/caregivers around the world,” he wrote online. “Let’s all stay vigilant and keep all kids safe whether your kids or not. It’s our responsibility to keep them safe.”

Man arrested and charged with child exploitation.

Although the images were only posted online on Thursday, the incident occurred on December 18, with police arresting the 31-year-old man shortly after.

“Police will allege at about 12.30, a member of the public called police after witnessing a man covertly using a mobile phone to film very young children whilst they were being changed by a caregiver in the male changerooms at the Wynnum foreshore parkland,” police said in a statement.

The phone in his back pocket allegedly contained 14 child exploitation recordings from that day, police said.

Source: Instagram/Adam Whittington

“Subsequent investigations of the man’s phone located 14 alleged child exploitation recordings from that day. Following investigations the man was charged with 14 counts of the possession and making of child exploitation material.”

Investigators believe the footage was not uploaded online or distributed any further.

The accused is due to return to court next month.

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